Number of militant attacks decreases, Avdiyivka industrial zone still being shelled

Ukrainian soldiers awaiting new provocations, as Russian-backed forces reportedly undergo rotation Read more ›

Crimean Tatars demand release of their abducted compatriot and Mejlis member

22 people have disappeared since Russian occupation of Crimean peninsula Read more ›

Ukraine has funds for hosting Eurovision Song Contest - Groysman

Organizing committee is still to name host city, no precise date mentioned Read more ›

Injured in Sknyliv air show disaster still struggle for state compensations

33 cases have been already sent to European Court of Human Rights, no results reported yet Read more ›

ECHR strikes out cases of abducted and unlawfully detained Ukrainians

The applications were filed by the relatives of prisoners Read more ›

Crimea to be "cleared up" according to "Russian world" standards – Mejlis leader

Refat Chubarov comments on recent changes to occupied Crimea status Read more ›

Trump's victory may bring uncertainty to Transatlantic relations - Steinmeier

Trump promises to consider recognizing Crimea as Russian territory Read more ›

Kremlin finds temporary replacement for the dismissed ambassador to Ukraine

Sergei Toropov appointed Russia's charge d'affaires in Ukraine Read more ›

Ukraine's Orthodox Church of Kyiv Patriarchate marches through Kyiv streets

About 15,000 Ukrainians celebrate the 1028 th anniversary of the Christianization of Kyivan Rus Read more ›

Businessmen from Arab world countries ready to invest in Ukraine

Ukrainian PM held first meeting with all Arab ambassadors accredited in Kyiv Read more ›

ECHR rejects appeal of Donbas residents to compensate for the houses ruined by fighting

Court says applicants failed to provide enough evidence to support their complaints Read more ›

Crimea becomes part of vast Southern federal district of Russia

So-called governor of Sevastopol goes to Siberia Read more ›

Putin dismisses Russian ambassador to Ukraine

Media names possible candidate to replace Mikhail Zurabov  Read more ›

Pope Francis to address two millions as Poland celebrates World Youth Day (video)

The pontiff's first visit to Poland is darkened by recent terrorist attack in the world  Read more ›

Ukraine marks 1028th anniversary of Christianization of Kyivan Rus

Patriarch Filaret has called upon representatives of different faiths to take part in celebrations to consolidate Ukraine Read more ›

Retraction of article "Turkey accuses Ukraine of participating in military coup"

The previously published article contained misleading information and improper headline Read more ›

Google decommunizes Crimean towns

Towns and villages of Russian-occupied peninsula get back to historical names Read more ›

Poroshenko says U.S. drones to contribute to truce in Donbas

Recently delivered UAVs may help to reach the ceasefire agreement in eastern Ukraine Read more ›

Reuters: Ukraine, after war, becomes a trove for black market arms trade

So far, there is little evidence of where the weapons smuggled out of the Ukraine conflict zone end up Read more ›

Washington Post: Turkish authorities to shut down dozens of media outlets

Dozens of media outlets shut; another 1,300 military officers sacked Read more ›

DW: The scars of Ukraine's war in Mariupol

UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) estimates the number of  inland refugees to be around one million   Read more ›

New York Times: Keeping bankers' hours, European observers miss most of Ukraine war

NYT journalist Andrew Kramer claims that violence increases when OSCE observers leave the patrol Read more ›

Guardian: The rise of Kremlin-style trolling in Ukraine must end

Journalists who contradict government narratives are being subjected to organised online abuse Read more ›

Obama, Merkel insist on "rapid Minsk implementation"

US President and German Chancellor had phone talks on Ukrainian conflict Read more ›