"Life News" exposed Russian Federation Army's 136th Motorized Rifle Brigade in Debaltseve. PHOTO

Censor.NET reports citing informnapalm.org.

"The Russian "Life News" propaganda channel showed an image of equipment with the military symbol of the 136th OMSBr (Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade) in their story called "The situation report from Debaltseve as of Feb.15, 2015." It is noteworthy that soldiers from the 136th Motorized Rifle Brigade (military base No. 63354, located in Dagestan, Buynaksk, Botlikh village) were repeatedly mentioned in the records exposing their presence in the Donbas. A lot of comments with condolences were seen in the Russian VKontakte social network on the page devoted to this detachment probably due to "military exercises" at the border with Ukraine," the news outlet notes.

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